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In 2012, Kunal Sardana, a 22-year-old educator began his journey in a small room. What started out then was with just seven students and is now a large family of over 400 students,striving to provide students with the highest quality education.This family continues to grow and as Kunal Sardana clarifies the acclaimed founder often saves, that although he is the founder of Concept Classes but the reason for our success is the combined efforts of all those amazing teachers.
Kunal Sardana has ensured bespoke frustration and teaching strategies as per the need of each student and systematic training, we here at Concept Classes believe in the best performance of students and provide the best to get the best out of them. We aim to create, use, and maintain an environment where not only learning, but the full development of students is essential. Our teachers pay close attention to the needs of the student by focusing on understanding and building a friendly and communicative environment, student performance is monitored regularly and parents are kept informed of their children’s performance through text, phone calls and parent-teacher interaction. From complete readings and assignments to periods of doubt and routine testing, Concept classes have found everything that not only guarantees you but helps in inculcating the best for your child.

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